Win Free Ice Cream!

Kesler's: Ice Cream Center

Kesler's have been giving away Ice Cream for over 30 years. Our friends who have been coming to Kesler's since they were children remember looking for their winning ticket, and how exciting it was when their name appeared on the ice cream board.

Let us Draw Your Winning Ice Cream Ticket!

Here's how the Ice Cream giveaway works. Every time you shop at Kesler's, you (or your children) can write their name on a ticket and drop it in the ticket bucket. Every check stand has available tickets.

Each week, Kesler's will draw 30 tickets! The first ticket drawn each week wins $10.00 off their in-store purchase. The second and third tickets each receive a $5.00 discount on their in-store purchase. The remaining 27 tickets each receive a FREE 1.75 quart container of Red Button Vintage Creamery Ice Cream. We even let you select your flavor of choice! Many families let their children put their name on the ticket and if their ticket is drawn, they get to pick the flavor!

Just a simple (and sweet) way of saying thank you for shopping with Kesler's.

What about a Family Ice Cream Treat

Where else can you lick a delicious ice cream cone while you shop?

Kesler's always has a variety of delicious, unique flavors of Reed's Dairy ice cream. Flavors such as Huckleberry, Apple Pie, and Bubble Bear. Every week, new and different flavors are available.